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Oklahoma State TE Brandon Pettigrew

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In the 2nd round of the SB Nation mock draft over at Mocking The Draft, I selected Oklahoma State TE Brandon Pettigrew. Here's Mocking Dan's thoughts:

Should this end up being the pick, it would likely shift the focus of Green Bay's offense. It would be even more predicated on short throws and a strong running game. All things considered, that just might be what's best for Aaron Rodgers.

This isn't what anyone would consider a need area, but GM Ted Thompson used his top pick last year on WR Jordy Nelson when he already had a deep roster at wide receiver. Thompson loves using a high pick on a receiver, and Pettigrew has a higher grade than any wide receiver still available in our mock draft.

A couple players who I would have taken ahead of Pettigrew were Arizona OT Eben Britton, Georgia Tech DE Michael Johnson, and Boston College DT Ron Brace, but they all went in picks 35-40 (the Packers are at No. 41 overall). My first choice would have been to trade down, but we don't have that option in our mock draft.

Happy Easter everyone!