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Prospect Watch - Missouri TE Chase Coffman

I'm lukewarm about my selection of Oklahoma State TE Brandon Pettigrew. He's a great player but doesn't fill a need.

But speaking of tight ends, Pro Football Talk reminded me of Missouri TE Chase Coffman. He was a great college player, but what's always fascinated me about him is that his father is ex-Packer TE Paul Coffman.

I was a big fan of Paul Coffman when he was a member of the Packers' high powered offense in the early 1980s. He was one of many players who got thrown to the curb after the ill-advised hiring of head coach Forrest Gregg in the mid-80s. Gregg got rid of a lot of players who weren't his type of guys.

They play the same position, but father and son are taking different paths to the NFL. Paul had to talk his way into a tryout, while Chase is viewed as a 2nd or 3rd round pick. I'm not advocating legacy drafting just because he's the son of a famous Packer, but it would be cool to see Chase on the Packers.