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Filling The Defensive End Void

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DE Cullen Jenkins will fill one of the two starting defensive end roles, but former DE Aaron Kampman is moving to outside linebacker, so someone has to take his place on the strong side (over the right tackle).

At the start of free agency the Packers showed interest in unrestricted free agents DE Chris Canty and DE Igor Olshansky, but they were priced much higher than GM Ted Thompson was willing to pay.

There hasn't been much mention of filling the spot since then. I assume Thompson is interested in adding a defensive end if he was talking with their agents. The only player mentioned in a while was veteran DE Kevin Carter, but there has been very little news about him recently. From his career stats at, he's been a starter every year since his rookie season in 1995, so he's probably looking for another starting job. I wouldn't be surprised if Thompson told his agent that nothing would be guaranteed in Green Bay, and so Carter is still waiting for the right offer. At age 35, he might never get that offer again, so he might still be willing to consider the Packers. He's the best remaining free agent at defensive end that can fill the run stuffing role the Packers need. Right now, it looks like Thompson intends to find someone in the draft instead of free agency.

As it stands without a free agent signing, or a rookie defensive end drafted, it might be DT Johnny Jolly. Maybe they're keeping the opening job warm for DT Justin Harrell. I wouldn't be surprised if recently resigned DE Michael Montgomery is a possibility too.


I'm out of here for a long weekend. I'll have something fresh up next week.