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GM Ted Thompson at USC's Pro Day

Nearly NFL team sent a representative to USC's Pro Day, which is no surprise since they've been like an unofficial NFL farm team over the past several seasons. GM Ted Thompson himself went for the Packers.

The first USC player taken should be QB Mark Sanchez, who obviously the Packers will pass on. After him, USC has a trio of inside linebackers who could all be selected in the 1st round. Since the Packers should be considering a speed rusher to play outside, I don't expect the Packers to select any of them. Plus they would be a reach at number 9 overall. Still they all are good players who should be scouted. And any of them should be seriously considered if they fall to the Packers in the 2nd round, depending on what the Packers do with the 9th overall pick.

LB Rey Maualgua. Is he a cross between LB Ray Lewis and SS Troy Polamalu, or is he overrated? The middle linebacker was a terror in college. He shouldn't be drafted until the mid to late 1st round, which is right where Polamalu (16th overall) and Lewis (26th overall) went.

LB Brian Cushing. He might become a rare talent who plays middle linebacker on rushing downs, and plays defensive end on passing downs. He's had some trouble with injuries, and didn't dominate in college, but he'll be starting at linebacker for someone.

LB Clay Matthews. Quite the late bloomer; he was under 170 lbs. when he started his college career and now he's almost 250. He didn't play much until his senior season, probably because he wasn't finished growing, but he's got NFL talent. And his father (LB Clay Matthews) was a great NFL player. His uncle (OL Bruce Matthews) was one of the best players in NFL history.