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With The First Pick, The Detroit Lions Select...

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It looks like the Detroit Lions will announce and sign the top pick in the NFL draft later this week. Sean at Pride of Detroit has already taken his card up to the podium:

If I went off that and nothing else, I would be inclined to go ahead and fill in Stafford's name in my draft tracker. However, Lewand wasn't the only one to speak recently. Martin Mayhew was also interviewed and seemed to be gushing over Aaron Curry. Take it for what it's worth since he dished out compliments to everyone, but it seemed like Mayhew had a hard time holding back his smile when talking about Curry.

Sean also helpfully points out the B.J. Raji retraction. No positive drug test for him.

Back to Detroit, I really hope they pick Georgia QB Matthew Stafford. He'll require a monster signing bonus, he'll be bad in 2009 as he adjusts to the NFL, and his poor college completion percentage doesn't project him to be a good pro QB. He's a combine star with a big arm, but so was QB Ryan Leaf. Or maybe he's better tabbed as the next QB Alex Smith.

Detroit would be much better off with either Baylor LT Jason Smith or Wake Forest LB Aaron Curry. The QB situation would be a mess, but they'd be better off sticking with QB Daunte Culpepper in 2009, and taking a late round chance on some proven college QBs like Arizona State's Rudy Carpenter, or Texas Tech Graham Harrell, or Missouri Chase Daniel. They're all long shots, but one of those three is just as likely to make as good a pro QB as Stafford.