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Alabama OT Andre Smith to the Packers?

This would make the draft for Mitchell. Pro Football Talk says the big, really big, OT from Alabama, Andre Smith, won't slip past the Packers at No. 9 overall:

Per a league source, the current thinking is that Smith will go to the Bengals at No. 6 or to the Packers at No. 9. Thus, if someone below spot No. 9 thinks that Smith is the real deal (notwithstanding his Pro Day burlesque show), then they need to get to No. 5 to get him, or to No. 7 or 8 if the Bengals pass.

Because starting RT Mark Tauscher is still rehabbing from his ACL surgery, and remains unsigned, filling the hole at right tackle with one of the most promising o-line products to ever come out of the SEC has a lot of merit. Yes, he did completely melt down at the combine, but he spent the previous few months destroying the SEC.

The current consensus is that B.C. DT B.J. Raji is the pick, but Smith wouldn't be a shock.