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Why I'm a Terrible Blogger, and How I'll Make Up For It

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So I've been more than absent from this site for the past few weeks.  I know that there's no excuse for it, and I fully expect to be verbally drawn-and-quartered in this post.  I accept your barbs, your jabs, and your quips (if you have any) at my expense.  Allow me, however, to chronicle the events that have kept me from APC lately:

  • Midterms
  • Term papers
  • Leading my intramural basketball team to the playoffs
  • Getting blown out in the first round of said playoffs
  • More midterms
  • Learning that Rutgers has decided that I will not be recieving credit for one of my classes because I took the equivalent class at UW-Milwaukee
  • Fighting with Rutgers for those credits so that I can graduate (to be continued)
  • Looking for a job
  • Finding a job
  • Interviewing for a job
  • Frantically looking for other jobs so I don't have to take that job
  • Realizing that there are no other jobs (Did you know that unemployment in WI is 9.4%?  Talk about depressing.)
  • More midterms
  • Having my fiance's roommate's family come to move out furniture at 9 AM...while I'm in the shower.  (Words cannot express the awkwardness of exiting the bathroom while clad in naught but a towel and being greeted by three large Maryland firefighters and their wives.)

And last, but certainly not least,

  • More midterms

So, as you can see, I have a lot of reasons, none of which are good enough for explaining my lack of posts lately.  But I have a plan to make all that pain go away in one fell swoop.  Two words: draft liveblog.  (Three words?  Screw it.)

That's right, sports fans.  Yours truly will be hosting the most* comprehensive, in-depth, analytic coverage of the 2009 NFL Draft.  Join me as we dive into the intrigue of Matthew Stafford: is he good enough to earn the privelege of sucking in Detroit for 12 years?  Come along as we discuss how the Vikings will no doubt end up with a reciever that will likely deliver a Troy Williamson-esque tenure in Minnesota.  Hop in as we point and laugh about how Chicago doesn't have a first round pick after giving up a hefty price for Rex Grossman 2.0 Jay Cutler.

And, of course, we can make fun of the suits, the green room interviews, the awkward half-hug/half-handshake given by each player joining Roger Goodell on the stage, and every time Mel Kiper says anything remotely risque. 

Maybe we'll even talk about the Green Bay draft picks.  If you're good.