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Packers NFL Draft Grades - Day No. 2

On Day No. 2, the Packers didn't select until the 4th round (both 3rd round picks were traded away in the OLB Clay Matthews deal) but ended up with six picks on Sunday. What I usually like about GM Ted Thompson's drafts is that he adds players at many positions. He spreads his picks out by position. But he moved away from that strategy this year. The biggest absense; this was his first draft that he didn't take a wide receiver in the 2nd or 3rd rounds, and didn't draft a wide receiver at all.

The focus was on three positions; defensive line, linebacker, and offensive line. I agree, those were the biggest needs on the team. But no other positions were addressed except for a 5th round full back and 6th round safety.

4th round (No. 109 overall), Eastern Michigan OL T.J. Lang. A fast riser on the draft boards, similar in that regard to 2008 4th round pick OL Josh Sitton. Played some left tackle in college, probably a future left guard candidate for the Packers.

5th round (No. 145 overall), LSU FB Quinn Johnson. Follow the link to my earlier comment to read that I wasn't impressed at first. For what it's worth, Mel Kiper said on ESPN that Johnson was one of his notable 5th round picks because he's such a good lead blocker.

5th round (No. 162 overall), South Carolina OT Jamon Meredith. He wouldn't have been a surprising late 2nd or early 3rd round pick, and he fell to the Packers in the 5th. Might be a reason he fell or maybe offensive lineman were just projected too high. A lot of them seemed to be drafted later than I was expecting.

6th round (No. 182 overall), Georgia DE Jarius Wynn. He seems like a longshot, but Thompson often finds good players in the 6th round. He'll have to show something in the preseason because I don't expect he'll make it as a special teams player.

6th round (No. 187 overall), Cincinnati CB/S Brandon Underwood. Hopefully he plays well; the Packers need better depth behind their starting safeties.

7th round (No. 218 overall), Colorado OLB Brad Jones. When switching to a 3-4 defense, it doesn't hurt to have an extra linebacker in camp.