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The Day After The Draft - Undrafted Free Agents

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The first move was to waive C Brennen Carvalho, an undrafted free agent signed last May. He spent all of 2008 on the practice squad. GM Ted Thompson likes lineman that can play multiple position, Carvalho starred in college at Portland State at center and guard. They had plenty of chances to look at him last season, but apparently he just didn't show the coaches enough.

Greg Bedard has a great roundup of all the undrafted free agents signed on Monday. Not all of these players received actual contracts. Some only have a tryout invite to come to the rookie minicamp to try and earn a contract.

Many positions were ignored in the draft; mostly on offense. So undrafted free agents have to be signed with an eye for talent, but also to make sure you've got enough bodies available for the minicamps. So far the talley is:

  • 5 Wide Receivers.
  • 3 Offensive Lineman.
  • 2 Quarterbacks.
  • 2 Tight Ends.
  • 2 Defensive Ends.
  • 1 Running Back.

What stood out was the number of wide receivers. Thompson always seems to want a bunch of receivers in camp. I'm surprised he went for 3 more offensive lineman, but someone's got to play on the practice squad. 2 quarterbacks for the scout teams. More depth at defensive end (which needs it). And no defensive backs. The only defensive back added so far is 6th round pick S Brandon Underwood. Apparently they are quite happy with their current roster in the secondary.

The name that really jumped out at me was Northwestern RB Tyrell Sutton. He's too small and too injury prone to make it in the NFL. But his 40 time of 4.68 is a big surprise, maybe injuries have taken it's toll, because back in 2005 he looked like one of the fastest players in college. That season, Brett Basanez was the QB at Northwestern. He and Sutton ran wild over the Big Ten. As a freshman, Sutton had 250 carries for 1,515 yards and 16 TDs. But then Basanez left for the NFL, and Sutton never again had that type of season. He's the only running back they have added so far this offseason, so It will be interesting to see if he has any chance at making the roster.