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Scheduled To Appear At The Packers Draft Party

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The Packers announced their lineup of current players who will be attending the Packers draft party at Lambeau Field on April 25th:

The Green Bay Packers Draft Party, set for April 25 at the Lambeau Field Atrium, will include appearances by former Packers Mark Chmura and Aaron Taylor, along with current players Brandon Chillar and James Jones.

The players announced today will join the already slated Will Blackmon, Ruvell Martin, Jordy Nelson and Aaron Rouse for autograph sessions with party attendees who will receive a ticket for one randomly assigned, two-player autograph session upon entering the event.

The unintentional comedy of the draft party last April was that one of the invitees was WR Koren Robinson, who got to watch the Packers draft his replacement (WR Jordy Nelson) with their top pick. By May 9th, Robinson was shown the door. It was harsh, but it wasn't as bad as the time Keyshawn Johnson got to provide instant analysis on ESPN as the Carolina Panthers drafted his replacement.

WR Ruvell Martin is a brave man to show up, knowing that GM Ted Thompson usually selects at least one wide receiver early in the draft. Not that I'm expecting the same thing to happen again this season, but you never know.