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Comparing The Mock Drafts

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It's good that the team hasn't sprung any leaks, but the odds of getting it right, and guessing correctly which player the Packers are going to select in the 1st round, is about the same as guessing which 12 through 16 seed is going to make it into the Sweet 16. Here are some of the most recent guesses:

  • I picked Florida State DE/OLB Everette Brown.
  • The five drafts at NFL Draft Scout have five different players; Ohio State RB Beanie Wells, Texas DE Brian Orakpo, LSU DE Tyson Jackson, Penn State OLB Aaron Maybin, and Brown.

So Brown and Maybin have multiple mentions. NFL Draft Scout, Don Banks, and I expect they will add an outside pass rusher, but it could be any one of four different guys.

Pretty typical for GM Ted Thompson. Everyone expected he would select LB A.J. Hawk in 2006, but I doubt a single mock draft correctly guessed his choice in his other three drafts.