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Wednesday Packer Hits: Holmgren, Poppinga and Andre Smith

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  • Brett Favre isn't the only Packer great who's regretting his retirement. Et Tu, Holmgren?:

    "[A]pparently Holmgren has run out enthusiasm for his motorcycle or just can't stand babysitting anymore."

  • LB Brady Poppinga thinks it was a good move to draft LB Clay Matthews to replace him in the starting lineup. Uh-huh. I'll assume he's just playing the good teammate and he really isn't glad to have been replaced. If he never starts another NFL game, he can still play a role as a backup and special teams player. He's also started 40 games in his first four seasons, which is pretty good for a 4th round pick who began his NFL career at age 26.
  • I was warming up to the idea of drafting OT Andre Smith with the Packers 1st round pick. But it's more appropriate that this problem child was drafted by Cincinnati, a team loaded with problem children. Now he's playing games by switching back to the agent he "fired" just before the draft to make himself a more attractive draft target.
  • If you haven't had any nightmares lately, here's one for you. 4th and 26, Freddie Mitchell.
  • Fantasy preview; QB Brady Quinn will be the starting QB in Cleveland next season. Too bad his only receiver is the drop machine known as WR Braylon Edwards. Maybe LB A.J. Hawk can sack his brother-in-law when they meet in Cleveland on October 25th.