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Thursday Packer Hits: Graessle, FAVRE!!!, and John Clayton

  • The biggest free agent signing this offseason was P Adam Graessle. Seriously. He's a long shot to beat out the other two punters, Jeremy Kapinos and Durant Brooks, but I don't have any faith in either of them. I hope they found something in Graessle.
  • Team President Mark Murphy says the team isn't quite ready to retire Brett Favre's number if he plans on playing in Minnesota next season.
  • After our respectful article about ESPN's John Clayton, m'kay, Clayton goes ahead anyway and says that he expects the Packers will rebound next season. Basically, the 2009 schedule looks a lot more favorable than the rough 2008 schedule, which should translate to at least two more wins on its own.
  • Funny; agent Drew Rosenhaus is on Twitter and all the players he represents are awesome. For example, don't count out his client, QB Drew Stanton, in the Lions QB derby.
  • Nice move by Miami. Last season, they trade DE Jason Taylor to Washington for a 2nd round pick, and resign him one season later. Quite the premium rental price Washington paid.
  • If you have been wondering why Philadelphia didn't pull the trigger on a trade for Arizona WR Anquan Boldin, a rumor that agent Drew Rosenhaus won't let die, it turns out that he probably was never available in the first place.