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Friday Packer Hits: FAVRE!!! and Jamarko Simmons

  • QB Brett Favre went to see famed surgeon Dr. James Andrews to try and rupture the tendon in his throwing shoulder?
  • There are a lot of receivers battling for a spot on the roster. One player I'm looking forward to seeing is undrafted free agent WR Jamarko Simmons, who broke all of WR Greg Jennings' records (h/t Green and Bold) at Western Michigan. More on Simmons from Cheesehead TV. Right now, he's playing at 234 lbs., which is about the same size as LB Nick Barnett, so he does have to slim down. WR Ruvell Martin might have to watch his back, but I wonder about WR James Jones too. He had a disappointing 2008 season, and he might be looking for a new job if gets outplayed by a couple of these undrafted receivers this preseason.
  • Tom Moore, the Colts offensive coordinator for the entire QB Peyton Manning era, has officially retired. Manning has been acting as his own offensive coordinator and calling the plays himself for a few seasons, so it might not make any difference on the field. But Moore's had quite a coaching tenure.
  • Is Philadelphia CB Sheldon Brown still demanding a trade? It looks like the matter has been settled, usually with a promise from the team to offer a contract extension at some later time. The Eagles have some depth in the secondary, although Brown would be a number one CB on many teams, so they might be able to play hardball with him. GM Ted Thompson has done a good job of avoiding situations like this by signing veterans to contract extensions with no guaranteed money, but that increases their base salary so they were paid appropriately with little risk for the team.
  • Buffalo backup RB Fred Jackson signed a 4 year contract extension at about $2 million per season. Former Giants backup RB Derrick Ward got a better contract from Tampa Bay, but Ward was a free agent and played better than Jackson last season.