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Tuesday Packer Hits: Family Night, Favre!, and Gruden

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  • Begin the countdown to August 8th! That's when 'Packers Family Night' has been scheduled. That should be the first televised appearance of the 2009 Packers. Usually it's on NFL Network, if you're so lucky to have it available on your cable provider. At least it will be available to Comcast customers since they've worked out a deal with the NFL Network (hopefully).
  • The urge to play, and to kick some ass, is so great that QB Brett Favre will undergo shoulder surgery on his throwing arm. If completely tearing his right biceps tendon to relive the pain when he throws doesn't work, then he would need additional surgery, which I bet he won't undergo.
  • Our long national nightmare is over; Tony Kornheiser is out, Jon Gruden is in on Monday Night Football. Obviously getting rid of Tony is a good idea, but I'm really interested to hear Gruden in action. Tirico is just  you're standard announcer, but Jaws is good. He's a real student of the game. If Gruden can announce like an offensive coordinator, breaking down the formations, etc., to go along with what Jaws is already bringing to the game, they might be a great team. Of course, that is making the huge assumption that Gruden will actually be good.
  • Speaking of students of the game; Philadelphia's defensive coordinator Jim Johnson is one of the best. He's the master of the blitz. Unfortunately he's taking a leave of absense while he undergoes treatments for cancer. I hope the treatments go well.
  • GM Jerry Angelo confirms that the Bears are not interested in WR Plaxico Burress. They could really use a good receiver, but Burress isn't as good as his rep. He's really inconsistent; just look at his last full season (2007) when he had 70 catches, 1,025 yards, and 12 TDs overall, but he was held for under 50 yards in nine regular season games. I bet there were a lot of incompletions thrown his way. In addition, he's a lousy teammate. He wouldn't provide them much help.