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The StarCaps Case

Remember way back to last October when Vikings' DT Pat Williams and DT Kevin Williams had a positive drug test? Well that case is still going on!

A judge in Minnesota just ruled that the NFL's drug testing policy violates Minnesota law:

As further explained by Judge Magnuson, the law prohibits employers from imposing discipline based on a single positive test.

Here, Kevin and Pat Williams tested positive only once, and under the league’s policy regarding anabolic steroids and related substances, a four-game suspension arises from that first positive test.

But what really caught my eye was the nefarious, hypothetical role Packer fans could play in the case:

Because the strict-liability policy to which their union agreed mandates suspension even if, for example, a closet Packers fan working beverage detail had slipped a banned substance into their Pepsi at a Minneapolis restaurant.

As if a Packer fan would ever go that far. Maybe.