NFC North Predictions

UPDATE: Brandon here. I was thinking of taking a look at the 2009 schedule, but bizzle4 beat me to it. 

With the draft completed, OTAs begining soon, and the make up of the teams in the NFC North pretty much solidified. Who does everyone feel is the favorite now?

The Packers coming off a 6-10 season last year have a lot to look forward to. The 3-4, the second year under Rodgers, Raji, and much more. We do have a tough second half of the season Notable games:  vs Dallas, vs Ravens, @ Steelers, and @  AZ. Ravens, Pitt, AZ all in the last month of the season could hurt.

The Bears bringing in Cutler will finally possess a passing game, but do they have the WR weapons to compete. The Bears have what looks like an easier schedule. Notable games:  vs Steelers, vs AZ, vs Eagles, @ Ravens. But these games are all spread out throughout the season.

The Vikings try to defend their crown with the addition of Rosenfels and WR Harvin. The still have one of the best D's in the NFL and RB AP. With the possibility of getting Brett. With or without him they will still be tough. They do have probably the hardest schedule in the division, rightfully so. Notable games: weeks 6,7,8 could make or break them as they play vs Ravens, @ Steelers, @ Packers. Then have @ Panthers, @ Az, vs Giants in the second half of the season.

The Lions drafted Stafford and retained Culpepper. Culpepper should be the starter for most of the season, but if they struggle look for Stafford to get PT Notable games: @ Saints, vs Steelers, @ Ravens, vs Az.

The division will be much more contested then it was last year. My pick is with the Pack, yes a little bias but the Vikings have a tough schedule and I don't think the Bears have the weapons Cutler needs. I do feel it will come down to the 12 games the three teams play each other. So what do you all think?


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