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Tuesday Packer Hits: OTA, Party House, and Favre

  • The Packers' OTA (organized team activities) will start this Thursday, May 28th. It's just practice without pads, but it's the first look at the entire 2009 Packers. The minicamp at the end of April was only for rookies.
  • I had no idea that party houses near Lambeau were a big problem during on game days. It looks like the city found a compromise solution that no one can be happy with; the property owners get hit with a $300 party permit while their neighbors will still get the same noise and mess they've been dealing with in the past.
  • SI's Peter King guesses that Favre will have surgery this week so he can, I guess just attend the Vikings' OTAs in June (he'll still be recovering from the surgery at that point), and then he'll will be available for training camp in August.
  • It appears that TE Jeremy Shockey will be fine after his collapse in Vegas. Still, Saints' fans are sick of his BS.
  • Although the Bears have traded for QB Jay Cutler, the lack of receiving options should force them to play with a lot of two TE sets, and rely heavily on the run next season. Exciting new Bears QB; same old boring Bears offense.
  • The tampering case against the Washington Redskins is getting underway. The Titans believe Washington contacted free agent DE Albert Haynesworth before the free agency period began. Actually, the loss of a draft pick might not be a big deal for Redskins' fans:

    Listen, if we get docked a draft pick for this, at least we can say that we actually DID something with the pick. Right? I mean, there will be an actual action that we can point to and say, "That was what that draft pick was used for." As opposed to having ZERO clue what we have gotten in return for so many draft picks over the years. What do you guys think?