A Quick Update

Greetings, friends.  As some of you have noticed, I have not been present on the site for a few weeks.  Fortunately, it was not a result of sloth, gluttony, or any of the other seven deadly sins.

The past three weeks have been tumultuous, including my college graduation, moving into a new apartment, going to job interviews daily, and getting engaged.  While I still find the time to read the site, I regretably haven't had an opportunity to write anything worthwhile.

But fear not!  As soon as everything starts settling down, which should be this weekend, I'll be back to form.  I might do an analysis of the 3-4 defense, or comparing the receivers to see who can best replace DD when he retires, or something else entirely.  As long as it's not Favre-centric, I'll be happy.

Finally, I would like to extend my warmest thanks to Brandon for absolutely tearing it up during what is the most boring phase of football: the offseason between the draft and minicamps.  He made it easy to not miss me, although I doubt I've endeared myself to many of you to the point of suffering from insomnia and driving around aimlessly, wondering why I've been gone so long.

Fantasies aside, consider this my pre-comeback post.  As Christian Bale said in the god-awful Terminator remake: "I'll be back."

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