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Becoming a Member of Acme Packing Company

It's kind of annoying when a web site makes you sign up for an account to post comments. I rarely sign up for accounts myself, even on sites that I've been reading daily for years. I don't want to tell them any personal information, even if all they are asking for is my name and an email address.

But to those readers who aren't members of this site, I did want to let you know there are some neat benefits to signing in when you come visit this site:

  • When you're reading the comments in a post, the comments are automatically updated. The name of the person who made the comment pops up in the bottom right hand corner of the screen. This isn't a major plus on a typical post that might have a dozen comments over a couple days time, but it's a really nifty feature on an open thread during a game or the draft.
  • If you read multiple SB Nation blogs, such as Brew Crew Ball or Bucky's 5th Quarter in addition to this blog, at the top of the screen is a drop down menu of all the SB Nation blogs that you have joined. So it's easy to move from one site to another.
  • Who knows, maybe you'll become addicted to commenting. Then on your profile page, you can see all the different times you've commented on something.

I just wanted to let readers who haven't joined this blog that you do receive some benefit for letting us know your email address.