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Brandon Pettigrew Could Have Been A Packer

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When I had to select in the 2nd round (No. 41 overall) of the SB Nation mock draft, I reluctantly selected Oklahoma State TE Brandon Pettigrew. Tight end isn't a major need, but if Pettigrew was still available at No. 41 overall, then it was a good value pick. In the actual draft, Pettigrew went No. 20 overall to Detroit.

It turns out that Pettigrew was actually on the Packers short list of players they were considering at No. 9 overall:

"The Green Bay Packers, after deciding not to draft receiver Michael Crabtree at No. 9, considered four players at that position before selecting defensive tackle B.J. Raji. According to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, the other three players were tackle Michael Oher, linebacker Clay Matthews and tight end Brandon Pettigrew. The Lions, at No. 20, took Pettigrew."

That said, at No. 9 overall, the player I wanted them to draft was NT B.J. Raji. Those are all good to great players, but Raji fills the biggest need on the defensive line.