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Favre, Favre, Favre...

So ESPN's Ed Werner and John Clayton are all over the unretirement of QB Brett Favre and the rumor that the only team he would consider playing for is the Vikings. If you followed the Favre unretirement saga last year (and how could you have avoided it), then you are not at all surprised to see that he has changed his mind. Again.

Bring on Favregeddon!

I said it before, if he plays against the Packers twice next season, then I hope we beat him twice. I always hope we beat Minnesota twice a season. I loved everything he did for the Packers and I'm a huge Favre apologist for every bad INT (except the one in OT at Philadelphia in the 2003 playoffs), but I'm a Packer fan first, Favre fan second.

But I don't agree that this all about revenge. From Kevin Seifert:

But ESPN's John Clayton reported this week that Favre told New York Jets officials that Minnesota was the only team he would consider playing for.

There could be only one reason for that stipulation: Revenge.

I'm sure he wouldn't mind to figuratively kick dirt in the face of GM Ted Thompson, but Favre's strongest remaining NFL ties are in Minnesota. Seifert does go onto mention that he spent years working with Vikings offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell and K Ryan Longwell is currently a Viking too, but Seifert sort of dismisses it. But I expect having Longwell and Bevell in Minnesota is a big deal for Favre. Most of Favre's playing buddies (TE Mark Chmura, C Frank Winters) have long since retired, but Longwell was Favre's golfing buddy in Green Bay. I think it makes a difference for him to play on a team where he has some friends.

As I said before, I think this a move Childress is considering to save his job. If he doesn't win a playoff game this season, I don't see how he is still their head coach in 2010. He can't be watching QB Sage Rosenfels in camp and be too confident of his playoff chances.

What do you think? Is Favre to the Vikings going to happen? ( I say yes). Can he make them a better team? (At age 40, I don't think he can).