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Keeping Up With Brett Favre

  • Ed Werner would tell you where and when Brad Childress and Brett Favre will meet, but then he'd have to kill you:

    Minnesota Vikings coach Brad Childress and quarterback Brett Favre plan to meet at an undisclosed location later this week.

  • From Chris Mortensen:

    RT @Mort2u: Dungy did tell me that if Favre meets with Childress, then he's sure Brett will play with Vikes.

  • As a Packer fan, I'm not used to seeing Favre hatred, so I'm surprised how deep it runs for Viking fans:

    OK, I'll stop there. I'd like to say writing this made me feel a lot better, but it really didn't. There's no simple on/off switch for diehard sports fans and their hatred. I will still hate Brett Favre until further notice. If he does become a Viking, I guess I'll just have to carry a puke bucket around with me when I watch the first few games.

  • Despite all the hate, maybe Viking fans can agree with Gene Wojciechowski on this point:

    Even if you can't stand the idea of another Favre unretirement, you have to admire him for working his way around a system usually stacked in favor of the teams, not the players. But however he got to this point, either by plan or accident, Favre could be a Viking soon.