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All This Favre-Related Hullaballoo Has Got Me Up In a Tizzy

Do people use the term "tizzy" anymore?  Probably not.

Anyways, you'd have to be comatose to have missed the last few days' developments regarding Lord Favre: He's coming back I mean he's not I mean he is I mean he's really not.  No, seriously, he's staying retired.  Well, at least as of 2:00 PM, EST, and according to Rick Schwartz of

Of course, we need to wait for confirmation on this from Favre's agent (Bus Cook, who seems to attract offseason drama the last year or so) or from Favre himself.  But it looks like our neighbors to the north have avoided Favregeddon...for now.  Good luck explaining the last three days to T-Jack, Rosenfels, and Booty.  I also would love to invite a Vikings fan to explain why so many fans (specifically Daily Norseman commentors) got behind this move.  I mean, I thought 90% of you guys would be against going after Favre, but it was really more 50-50.  Perhaps things in Minnesota aren't as good as they seem.

This entire deviation from reality has made me angrier than reading anything written by Jemele Hill, and I'll be glad to put it to rest.  Before we continue on with our offseason, I would like to make a quick comment to all the Ted Thompson haters out there, especially the ones whose only gripe with the man is that he refused to bring Favre back.  Actually, I won't even make the comment, I'll let's Dashiel Bennett do it for me:

Rachel Nichols (who is now officially a squatter according to Mississippi law) was reporting yesterday afternoon that former teammates were speculating that The Boy Who Cried Retirement was eager to "stick it" to the Packers GM, because Thompson didn't want to put his franchise in the hands of a 39-year-old quarterback with commitment issues. What a prick, right?

Can we get back to focusing on what's really important: the Green Bay Packers?