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The Vikings Pass On Favre; and Sign Owen Daniels

  • I don't know what I can add to the Brett Favre saga. I'm still not convinced he'd actually make them any better, the NY Jets might have been better off in 2008 by keeping QB Chad Pennington over Favre, but QB Tarvaris Jackson has never shown that he can be a good QB. Although the whole drama is going as he predicted, Gonzo at The Daily Norseman is still sick of it. And although rumors of a missed deadline to report to the team have come and gone, it's still possible there was no deadline at all. Also, buried in this post that Steve Marucci expects Favre to play if he's healthy, is the good point that there still needs to be a contract hammered out by the Vikings and Favre's agent, Bus Cook. And Cook won't let Favre play on a bargain, or discounted, contract.
  • The Houston Texans' still haven't signed restricted free agent TE Owen Daniels, and he's walking out on the team, for now. Tim at Battle Red Blog doesn't mind Daniels using what little leverage he has and I doubt the Texans have any interest in losing Daniels. They've been stalling on him because they can. But if there was enough bad blood that Houston was thinking of trading his rights, Daniels is an interested player because the former Wisconsin Badger is one of the best receiving TEs, ranked 5th in 2008 by Football Outsiders. The Packers could certainly use him.