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Childress on Favre; 49ers Owner Jed York; Preston & Smith; Soi & Graessle

  • Vikings head coach Brad Childress says in an interview that he has not given QB Brett Favre a deadline and Minnesota will sign him if his arm is healthy. ESPN stands by their story; Favre was given a deadline
  • This isn't a Packer link but I thought it was very cool that one of my fellow SB Nation bloggers had the chance to interview 49ers owner Jed York. It was interesting to find out the status on the Niners never ending quest for a new stadium.
  • Only two unrestricted free agents were signed this offseason. C/G Duke Preston is currently working as the No. 2 center. S Anthony Smith had the chance to play with the No. 1 defense. S Atari Bigby was held out while he recovers from off season surgery and S Nick Collins stayed away from the OTAs in an apparent contract dispute.
  • Right before the draft, the Packers signed NT Brian Soi. He looked like he might have some potential, but then NT B.J. Raji was drafted. Now Soi has been released, along with P Brian Graessle, who was someone else I had hoped would impress.