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Matt Millen; Locker Rooms; Jackson and Rosenfels Suck; and Brad Childress

  • Matt Millen has a new job providing "expert" analysis on the NFL Network, in addition to ESPN. At least one Lions fan will be watching with a trigger finger on the mute button. No word on where he'll keep the barf bucket.
  • I remember reading last year during the 1st annual Favre unretirement event, that one of the problems with letting him come back was that it would upset the players. The starting job had been promised to QB Aaron Rodgers, so if McCarthy and Thompson let him come back, they would lose some respect in the locker room. McCarthy hardly lobbied for his return, but Brad Childress has been front and center in wanting Favre. Now it's being considered whether Childress has already lost the locker room.
  • Best fake quote of the week from DJ Gallo (via ericj69): "I’m going to be horrible in the fourth quarter," he said. "That’s a given. But so will Brett Favre. Difference is, I’ll do it for less money and I’m not an a—hole."
  • Most unreal real quote of the week: "I’m not losing sleep or anything," Childress said.  "I’m not on any mood elevators or anything like that."