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Brett Favre On His Return To The NFL: "Um. Maybe."

Tom Pelissero is awesome for providing a transcript of the Brett Favre-Joe Buck interview. I agreed in an earlier post that Ted Simmons Speed Camp nailed it in the comments. Go read it.

Back to the interview. In it, Favre said:

I can throw, and I could throw before the surgery. But I couldn’t throw, and that’s what happened to me late in the year. I would throw it there and it would go there. And certain throws hurt. I had pain in my neck and down my arm. … When I left after the final game last year with the Jets … I knew I needed surgery and I didn’t want to have it, and I ended up having it. Just, if it feels better — I’m rehabbing, doing what I need to do to get it back in shape.

So he didn't want to have the surgery, then he decided to have it. Obviously he had it so he can play again. Last year, he retired and then unretired. Why can't he make up his mind? Doesn't he know what the hell he wants to do?


I am not that indecisive myself, so I can't explain why he might be. All I'm left with is Astrology. Maybe he just can't help himself; he's just an indecisive guy. Since his birthday is October 10th, that makes him a Libra:

Libra tends to be quite indecisive, often taking on too many considerations, and procrastinating making decisions or acting on them.

Also, it seems like he is only concerned about himself. Well that's life. People are selfish. Also, as a Libra, he might not be able to avoid that appearance:

A Libra often has a rather ostentatious appearance.

But all that astrology, psychology, and whatever else doesn't really matter.

The bottom line is that unless he has an unexpected setback in his rehab, everyone should get ready for two games against Brett Favre and his Minnesota Vikings next season.