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Around the NFL: Ellis to Oakland; Lloyd to Denver; Marshall to ???

  • When Dallas released DE/OLB Greg Ellis on June 3rd, I speculated that while the Packers could use Ellis as an additional pass rusher, he'll probably sign anywhere he can find a guaranteed starting job. That place turns out to be Oakland, where he just signed a 3 year deal. He'll be switching back to defensive end in their 4-3 defense.
  • Although WR Brandon Marshall has demanded to be traded, John says it's not like the QB Jay Cutler situation. Marshall doesn't hate the new head coach, he just wants more money! Let the speculation that Denver will trade him to Chicago so he can reunite with QB Jay Cutler begin!
  • Ironically, Denver then signs WR Brandon Lloyd, who played in Chicago last season with new Denver starting QB Kyle Orton. How depressing is that for Bronco fans? Basically a swap of Cutler and Marshall to Chicago for Orton and Lloyd. All for the added bonus of having a 32 year old head coach and some good draft choices.