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Green Bay Breaks the Draft Pick Seal

I considered using a different, far cruder euphamism, but I decided that "break the seal" is more appropriate. Damn you, family-friendly standards that are enforced by nothing except my Midwestern sensibilities!

I had been getting a bit nervous that the team hadn't signed any of their picks, but only because the Bears had signed all of their picks. Historically, Chicago is quick to ink their draft class, and they were even faster this year because they lacked a first rounder, typically the most expensive of the bunch. Green Bay hasn't let their rookies sit around without getting them a contract for too long, and I'm glad to see that trend continue.

Jarius Wynn, Brad Jones, and Brandon Underwood are all now official members of the team. And there was much rejoycing.

Yes, that was a Monty Python reference. Next time, I'll try to fit Benny Hill in there somewhere.

According to Mike Florio (NBC's newest addition), Wynn signed a 4-year deal with a signing bonus of between $105,000 and $110,000. Underwood signed a similar deal with a slightly smaller bonus ($102,200). The terms of Jones' four-year deal were undisclosed.

Bring on the rest of the picks!