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Jon Jansen Is A Lion; Pisa Tinoisamoa Is A Bear; Brad Childress Is In Disguise; and Mark Roman Is Still A 49er

  • After the Washington Redskins released veteran RT Jon Jansen, some of us considered signing him to add some veteran competition for the right tackle opening. We came to the conclusion that he was too injury prone, and he too awful last season when he did play. But the Lions disagreed and quickly signed him. Now he might push 2008 1st round pick RT Gosder Cherlius to the bench. Same old Lions; another awful signing (which makes it a good signing for the Packers).
  • When St. Louis released their leading tackler, LB Pisa Tinoisamoa, at the beginning of May, Mitchell kicked around the idea of signing him for depth. The Packers never showed any interest in him. Instead, Chicago signed him last week and he'll likely be starting for them as their strong side linebacker. Does signing a castoff from St. Louis' bad defense to start on your defense sound like a good idea?
  • Brad Childress had a bad hair day. Oh, and WR Percy Harvin is running the Wildcat. The little guy is going to get himself killed if he runs it too many times.
  • Former head coach Mike Sherman was a disaster when it came to signing free agents. DE Joe Johnson are LB Hardy Nickerson two of his worst moves. He was awful at handing out extensions to guys like DT Cletidus Hunt and WR Robert Ferguson too. One of his last moves wasn't as bad, signing SS Mark Roman as a free agent. He was a lousy player, but he didn't get hurt and he didn't cost too much money. I thought his career was over after the Packers released him, but instead he became a starter in San Francisco, starting 16 games in each of the last two seasons. He still must be awful, but instead he's been trying to get a new contract or force a trade.