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Around the NFL: FAVRE!, Eli Manning's Money, and the UFL draft

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Packer practices start up again on Monday, so there isn't much Packers' talk except to waste digital ink speculating on when S Nick Collins might get a new contract or why there haven't been any contract talks with WR Greg Jennings. (Hint: It doesn't matter because they aren't free agents and neither player is going to hold out).

  • QB Brett Favre is "pain-free" but endurance and stamina is the issue. Vikings' fans have resigned themselves to the eventual Favre signing and have moved on to the question of whether it's time to release QB Tarvaris Jackson.
  • QB Eli Manning's agents expect Eli's next contract will make him the highest paid player in the NFL. He had a great 2007 postseason and 2008 was a very good follow up. But he's definitely in that 2nd tier of QBs that deservedly don't get any MVP talk (along with QB Aaron Rodgers). The big difference is that Manning has had a few seasons to develop and this is his ceiling, while Rodgers should continue to improve.
  • The new professional football league for has-been and never-was players, the UFL, had their initial draft this week. A couple former Green Bay Packers were drafted. NT Fred Bledsoe hung around the practice squad the last couple seasons. S Marviel Underwood was a promising 2005 draft choice until he blew out his knee during the 2006 preseason. A couple former Wisconsin Badgers were drafted too; NT Wendell Bryant was a 1st round bust in Arizona a few years ago, and QB Brooks Bollinger had spent the past few seasons with the Jets, Vikings, and Cowboys. They even found a former UW-La Crosse football player; DB Jeremy Unertl.