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Day 2: Mandatory OTA Practice

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As usual, I'm relying on the excellent recaps from Greg Bedard and Tom Pelissero:

  • It was hot, and it apparently took it's toll on the big lineman like DE Justin Harrell, DT Johnny Jolly, and OL Jamon Meredith.
  • Former QB Rich Gannon took a break from his Pros vs. Joes schedule to watch practice. 
  • Bedard said LB Aaron Kampman looked "more comfortable" but Pelissero caught him holding WR Greg Jennings in coverage. Mike McCarthy was praising Kampman last month, but Kampman was reluctant to talk to the media then. It looks like McCarthy was being too kind while Kampman is the realist; he still has a lot to learn.
  • I didn't expect there would be a place in the new 3-4 defense for LB Jeremy Thompson. As a former defensive end, it seemed like he would struggle with the transition to linebacker, but Greg Bedard said he "could feel the excitement" when he talked to Thompson, which was a major switch because he said "last year Thompson seemed to get down at times."
  • QB Brian Brohm looked good. I'm a big fan of his and hope he's traded to a good team, and a good situation for him, when the time is right. He did look awful in 2008, and he'll have bad moments in 2009 too. QB Aaron Rodgers struggled a lot in his 2nd season. Without a ton of playing time available, it will take him another year before he can really develop. However, I hope QB Matt Flynn is being groomed to be a solid backup QB.
  • Overall, Mike McCarthy said they practiced fast and the tempo was outstanding.
  • For whatever reason, the team decided they had seen enough of WR Lorne Sam and he was released.