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Day 3: Mandatory OTA Practice

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It was a snoozer, broken up by the terrible news about the death of LB Aaron Kampman's high school coach, Ed Thomas. Mike McCarthy delivered the news personally to Kampman.

As far as the practice itself?

From Tom Pelissero, almost an hour into the practice:

McCarthy just rolled in. Shows how important this workout is. Philbin has been running the offense.

From Greg Bedard, arriving at practice about the same time as McCarthy:

Not at practice yet. Apparently the Packers aren't doing anything anyways. I will blog from Mike McCarthy's press conference in this space at about 11:15 so stay tuned.

There was no sense of urgency because McCarthy accomplished what he wanted to do during the OTAs:

Today was about teaching. Today was about putting a final stamp on the teaching process of the offseason program, because now when we get back here it's not about what to do and who goes where.

The OTA was about making sure everyone has learned the offense and defensive schemes. They can't evaluate them until the coaches can see them in pads in training camp. So that's it until training camp starts on August 1st.