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Meredith is Signed, McCaskill is Cut, and a Great Blogcast

While the Packers have made a few minor moves:

  • G Nevin McCaskill, who I had never written about because never thought had a chance to make the team, was released.
  • OL Jamon Meredith brought the total of signed draft choices up to four when he was signed.

I had the chance to participate as a panelist on the Blogcast over at Cheesehead TV. Aaron and Corey lined up two great interviews; former Packers' VP Andrew Brandt and Journal-Sentinel beat writer Greg Bedard.

We talked about players, contracts, mini-camp, and Nick Saban.

Brandt came on first and said:
  • The biggest change from Sherman to McCarthy in re: to contracts was to reduce roster bonuses and increase workout bonuses, so long as the workouts took place in Green Bay.
  • Grant might have gotten a big contract last summer, in part, because the front office was so distracted with the QB Brett Favre situation.
  • Getting players to agree to contract at the end of June, when the Packers' profit reports are released, makes negotiations difficult.

Then Bedard brought up some great points:

  • CB Tramon Williams looked great in mini-camp. He probably said it because Aaron and Corey are his biggest fans.
  • LB Jeremy Thompson doesn't look ready to really compete as the starting outside linebacker.
  • LB Aaron Kampman really shouldn't be afraid to talk about his transition to linebacker.
  • He told a great story about how Nick Saban is a jerk and Greg fought with him throughout the 2007 season when he was a beat writer covering the Dolphins.
  • Both DT Ryan Pickett and DT Johnny Jolly are both probably gone after this season.
  • There are people who want RB Ryan Grant to start ahead of RB Brandon Jackson no matter how much Grant struggles. There is no way Grant will lose the starting job in training camp.
  • This might be the last season for LT Chad Clifton, and the recently signed rookie Meredith might be the future. It probably won't be OL Tony Moll, who Greg said had too many brainfarts during games.
  • Bottom line; it was impossible to find out if anyone beat anyone else out. The guys were preoccupied with learning the plays and schemes, and running around without helmets or pads.

There was probably more I missed, this recap was just off the top of my head. Aaron did a great job with the interviews. Go check it out.