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Raji at Nose Tackle; Barbre at Right Tackle; Driver is Happy, but Collins and Kampman Are Not

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  • The Packers held another practice that was open to the public. Understandably the Packers are being very cautious with injured players at this time. Why bother having them aggreviate them something in June? But with so many players sitting out, it's not clear who all the starters are, especially on the revamped defensive and offensive lines: 
    • On the defensive line, DT Ryan Pickett missed practice so DT B.J. Raji slid over to nose tackle and DT Johnny Jolly played at end. There has been some praise recently for Raji because the big man appears to be so athletic that he can play defensive end. But now, it looks like the coaches just want their best tackle in at nose tackle and another giant defensive tackle to play defensive end on the strong side.

    • On the offensive line, RT Allen Barbre appears to be in the lead to start at right tackle, but it's still too early to tell. I wouldn't be surprised to see Barbre has slipped down the depth chart by the time training camp starts.

  • DE Aaron Kampman hadn't been talking about his transition to outside linebacker or about his impending free agency. But he finally decided or was forced to talk to reporters, and the reviews are in here and here; it still sounds like he is an unhappy camper.
  • At least WR Donald Driver said he's happy with his contract, but that doesn't mean he won't ask for another raise. So there is no problem, until it becomes a problem?
  • Unfortunately S Nick Collins was still a no-show. If he doesn't attent the mandatory OTA practice on June 22nd, then this becomes a problem. My money is on him showing up for the mandatory practice.
  • If you can find an interesting bit of information in Mike McCarthy's press conference, please let me know.
  • Training camp is starting on August 1st.
  • S Atari Bigby gets mentioned as one of the NFL's meanest players. Is he really? Or is he just a big hitter? Or is a big hitter the same thing as a dirty player?