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Favre Finally Has Surgery; Julius Peppers Stays In Carolina; and Detroit Stays Desperate

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  • It's official; QB Brett Favre had surgery on his shoulder. It's not clear what he had done or when he did it, but he probably had the tendon in his throwing shoulder severed to decrease the pain he felt while throwing. Of course, his deceptive agent Bus Cook says Favre is still retired, until he changes his mind. Some Viking fans are thrilled, some are terrified. It's a risky move for the Vikings to sign him and immediately annoint him as their starter. They won't get past the 10-6, 1st round playoff loss, ceiling with QB Tarvaris Jackson. But can Favre even regain the form he showed in 2007?
  • It looks like DE Julius Peppers will stay in Carolina. Please ignore any previous rumors that the Packers might have considered trading for him.
  • Just because Detroit has been very active in the free agent market this offseason, doesn't mean they are making any good moves. Signing RT Jon Jansen last week was a bad decision. Now they've gone and signed one the Packers' worst free agent signings in recent years, S Marquand Manuel. Just because some other teams were dumb enough to let him start a bunch of games doesn't mean he is any good. His veteran experience can't help them since he's no good on the field, so why bother signing him?