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Detroit Trades S Gerald Alexander for WR Dennis Northcutt

This trade was announced last week but finalized on Tuesday. Last week, I didn't think much of it. Detroit has been acquiring a lot of mediocre veteran players this offseason, and WR Dennis Northcutt just added one more. Not that this is a bad thing for Packer fans, but I continue to be unimpressed with the new direction in Detroit. Anyone might be better than Matt Millen, but their new GM Mayhew worked for Millen and he doesn't seem much better.

Over at Pride of Detroit, they liked the move. Northcutt adds depth where they needed depth. The Lions had too many safeties on the roster, so trading S Gerald Alexander opens up some room on the roster. But Alexander was a 2nd round pick that started all 16 games as a rookie in 2007. He lost his starting job in 2008, but they need to rebuild with young player in their mid-20s, not veteran WRs in their 30s.

Meanwhile, Jaguar fans at Big Cat Country are happy with the move too. They get something for a receiver who was going to be released, and the something they got was a young safety who's already started 17 games in his first two seasons. Plus, Jacksonville doesn't have a lot of depth at safety and he immediately becomes a potential starter.