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Packer News: Brett Favre and Johnny Jolly

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  • ESPN's Ed Werner reported that QB Brett Favre threw for Vikings' offensive coordinator (and former Badger QB and Packers' QB coach) Darrell Bevell last week. Their trainer checked him out last week too. Once again, this confirms the unsurprising rumor that he will eventually sign with the Vikings.
  • Mike Florio speculated that the reason he hasn't yet signed is because Favre's squeezing the Vikings for more money, but Mike Florio does a lot of speculating. I doubt money will become a problem.
  • DT Johnny Jolly's legal troubles have been ongoing for a while, the trial has been delayed by the State on at least one occasion, but it should finally go to court this week. I haven't said much about it because I have no idea how his case will be resolved and the Packers would be fine without him. He was their best defensive tackle last season, but that's a low bar to clear since NT Ryan Pickett struggled and DT Colin Cole was just awful. He's good at staying with the play, but he doesn't dominate the line. He showed promise in 2007 by knocking down 4 passes in 2007, but only 2 in 2008 (despite starting twice as many games). Right now, he's the backup left defensive end behind DT B.J. Raji. If he's cleared, then he'll play a lot next season and be the top backup. If not, then his production will be replaced by a (hopefully) healthy DE Justin Harrell. If Harrell is hurt again (still, etc), it won't be a huge drop off to someone else.