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NFC North News: Tarvaris Jackson, John Thornton, Jay Cutler, and the Bears

  • If QB Tarvaris Jackson makes a trade demand after the Vikings officially sign QB Brett Favre, will anyone care?
  • Sean's title sums it up; "John Thornton Almost Signs With Lions." Although they have a lot of shiny new players to show for their aggressive offseason, outside of stealing LB Julian Peterson from Seattle for DT Cory Redding, it's been a lousy offseason for the Lions.
  • The idea that QB Jay Cutler will be just like QB Rex Grossman is crazy. Cutler is actually good; Grossman never was. I'm sure Cutler will make the occasional crazy INT, nearly every QB does, but that doesn't make him = Grossman.
  • I love Football Outsiders and it pains me to see them project a great 2009 season for the Bears. They expect Chicago will have the best team in the NFC. They have a decent track record with projections too; they projected the Packers breakout 2007 season. The good news is that they expected an 11 win season in Green Bay last year, so they aren't always right.