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Packer News: Punters, Rodgers vs. Cassel, and T-Jack

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  • Wake me up when the battle for the starting punting job is over. I don't like either P Jeremy Kapinos or P Durant Brooks and expect the "winner" of the competition will wind up 2009 as one of the worst in the NFL.
  • What was interesting about the 6 year deal the Chiefs just gave to QB Matt Cassel is that he's guaranteed around $28 million. When the Packers gave QB Aaron Rodgers a 6 year extension, he received about $20 million guaranteed. And Rodgers is much better than Cassel. Rodgers' extension is just another solid contract put together by GM Ted Thompson's staff.
  • There is no way that the Packers will trade for QB Tarvaris Jackson when he demands a trade. Don't laugh; he might really demand one.