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Brett Favre Keeps Minnesota Waiting

But QB Brett Favre says he'll let them know by the start of training camp on July 30th:

"There’s two weeks left and I’m doing everything I can," Favre said. "I was down here Sunday morning working out. I’m trying to get everything to where I feel 100 percent when I go in. I can’t go in any less. When you’re 39 years old, it’s hard enough. But it’s getting there."

My first thought was the Vikings should be mad as hell. He must know he's going to be playing at this point since he's been talking to them for a while and underwent surgery to get ready. I'd be furious to find out that he's still just stringing me along.

But it really doesn't matter when he signs, as long as it's before July 30. The Vikings aren't doing any team activities until then, so he isn't missing anything. QB Tarvaris Jackson's confidence should already be low since he's watched his coach openly flirt with Favre for months already, so two more weeks isn't going to make their relationship any worse. Just knowing that he won't keep stalling past the start of training camp is a good thing:

He'll carry it out to the last minute, and as long as "last minute" is defined as the moment training camp begins, I can live with that...

When you put it all together -- the rigorous practice schedule, the progress he's apparently making on the field, and his feeling that he 'still has it' -- you've gotta be left with the impression that this is virtually a done deal.  At this point, it's really just a matter of waiting for it to become official because everything's pointing in that direction.  Barring a stunning and unexpected setback, of course.

Bottom line: He's comin', he's comin'!