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Top 10 Players in 2009: #7 - WR Donald Driver

The first three players listed in the Top 10 for 2009 are guys who need to rebound from injuries and/or ineffectiveness. With the listing of WR Donald Driver, I'm entering into the realm of players who were great last season.

Obviously Driver is an easy pick for the Top 10. He's only missed a couple games in his long career, been to three Pro Bowls, and has been great every season. He was ranked as the 21st best receiver last season by Football Outsiders which is still very productive. He's one of the Packers' greatest receivers of all time.

So what the heck is he doing down at No. 7? He shouldn't be any higher for a couple reasons:

  1. At age 34, his career is mostly behind him. And with this list I'm looking ahead. The list of receivers who stayed great after age 35 is a short one. And anyone who's fantasy team got killed by the sudden decline of the Colts' WR Marvin Harrison in 2007 knows how quick it can happen.
  2. If something did happen to him, then the Packers would have other options. WR Greg Jennings has emerged as the No. 1 receiver. To replace Driver as the No. 2, they could call on either promising young WR Jordy Nelson or WR James Jones. Either would be a step down from Driver, but the pass offense could still produce without him.