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Michael Vick at Lambeau; Rodgers and Grant on ESPN

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  • With the news that Michael Vick is about to be released from home confinement, Michael Silver decided to write a fictional article titled "Lambeau playoff stunner made Vick a force." What game was he watching? The Packers got beat badly in that game, 27 to 7, but it wasn't because of Vick. I remember how Atlanta's defense shut the Packers offense down, although they gave them a lot of help by coughing up 3 fumbles and Favre threw two picks. Plus their special teams a blocked punt and recovered it for a TD. On the opening drive, Vick did lead them down the field for a TD, but he ended the game with only 13 completions, 117 yards passing, and 64 yards rushing. Silver puts all of the praise in Vick, when it really belongs to his teammates on special teams and defense.
  • RB Ryan Grant is about to go through the ESPN car wash:

"Dan Patrick, formerly of ESPN, refers to this as going through network’s "car wash," where an interview subject goes from place to place to place to place in Bristol, appearing on one platform or another.

Grant’s daylong schedule for Tuesday calls for 12 different stops in the car wash."