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Quinn Johnson, Dom Capers, and Piling on the Lions

Everywhere Dom Capers has been, he's had a knack for getting that system up and running immediately. There hasn't been an adjustment period, Capers' 3-4 defenses have been very good and they've been very good in a hurry. Even if Green Bay is aging in the secondary, the Packers still have some solid players back there and the Bears' wide receivers would probably be the first to tell you that. Capers had a dramatic impact on defenses he ran in Jacksonville and Miami in his first season with those clubs, and with expansion teams in Carolina and Houston, he was solid immediately. Carolina was seventh in total defense in 1995, its first year. The issue is going to be how the personnel will fit on the line and at linebacker where some are concerned about Aaron Kampman's ability to adjust. If Capers can enjoy somewhat instant success once again, sure, the Packers will be in the race.

  • I don't mean to pile on the Lions, I'm not trying to kick an 0-16 team when their down, but they keep making pointless signings and trades. Now they've traded recently signed WR Ronald Curry for DT Orien Harris. Curry isn't valuable, he's just one of a number of mediocre veteran receivers they've signed or traded for this year. WR Bryant Johnson and WR Dennis Northcutt are the others. Sean wrote that Harris is now on his 7th team in 5 seasons. So they've traded an expendable veteran receiver for a defensive tackle that has already been cut loose by six different NFL teams. I know they need help at defensive tackle, DT John Thornton recently turned them down in favor of retirement, but I'm not sure Harris qualifies as "help." They don't seem to be making any strides towards becoming a better team, but keep rearranging the deck chairs on a sunk ship.