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Waiting For Training Camp

This is an awesome comment from the previous post:

Speaking of the Favre saga driving Vikes over the edge

…I went to the Anoka County fair (northwest suburbs of the twin cities & surrounding towns) last night, and they were selling purple #4 Favre jerseys. They were selling WELL too, and were on the backs of fair goers of all shapes and sizes. (Well, that’s technically not true. At the Anoka County fair, the only shape is round.)

If Favre doesn’t sign, there are going to be a lot of disappointed bumpkins over here in the twin cities, and they’ll have to add their Favre jerseys to the Jersey Pile of Broken Quarterback Dreams.

Right now I'm dying for training camp to start. There are no more free agents to sign, or draft choices to consider. The team is the team, so I just want to see them playing.

I'm so jealous of Bills fans since Buffalo's training camp has already gotten underway, but the Packers aren't starting until August 1st. For those of us not able to attend training camp, there's probably not much on TV until Family Night on August 8th

If anyone has any training camp memories, please consider writing a FanPost and I'll likely promote it to the front page.