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Making Memories in Green Bay

In the comments of a previous post was a great training camp story:

Meeting all the players, watching the players run plays live, filling an autograph book with their signatures, seeing the stadium for the first time in my life (even if just from the outside), getting to visit the Packer hall-of-fame, then finally stopping back to pick up a St. Bernard puppy… what an incredible birthday for an 11-year-old!

Although I hope to never go through something like your father did, follow the link to read the whole thing, I was just talking to my wife about what it would be like to take my kids up to Green Bay for training camp. I've got three children under 5 years old, so there's no point in taking them to training camp since it won't be memorable yet. My oldest son throws a tantrum every time I turn off the cartoons and turn on any sports program. I'm not sure which one, if any, of them will really be interested in football. But after I can tell they're fans, I'm looking forward to taking them to a practice, hopefully with their bike in tow so we can ask a player if they want a ride, and maybe get some autographs of our own.