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The Top Three NFL Events in 2009

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I was contacted by Robert Tuchman who has a new book titled The 100 Sporting Events You Must See Live. He sent an excerpt from his book because a trip to Lambeau Field makes it in his top 100. Although the tips might be obvious to Packer fans, and it's written towards a target audience that might not be familar with Lambeau Field, I always like being reminded how great it is see football in Green Bay:

Unlike the Super Bowl, where Tuchman recommends sitting at midfield, at Lambeau Field, you should try to sit in one of the lower rows in the end zone.  Only here will you experience the famed "Lambeau Leap":  the player carrying the ball will vault himself in the "Cheesehead" faithful, who will join in the celebration with hugs and spilled beer.  
One of the best way to get up close to players and coaches is to check out the Vince Lombardi Steakhouse in the Radisson Paper Valley Hotel in
Appleton on Saturday before the Sunday game.  Former players and Lombardi family members have been known to eat there the night before the game.  IT is also the favorite hotel for visiting teams.  
If you are coming to Lambeau from afar, Tuchman has some travel tips.  Take a stadium tour or visit the Hall of Fame right inside the Packer Atrium at Lambeau Field. Also, while outside watching the game in winter, make sure you dress extremely warm.  And do not forget to watch out for flying snowballs!