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In Minnesota; Tarvaris Jackson or Sage Rosenfels

With QB Brett Favre out of the picture, until he reconsiders his retirement again next week, the Vikings have a decision to make at quarterback. Tarvaris Jackson or Sage Rosenfels.

At first the decision might seem like trying to decide between having your mouth washed out with Lux, Palmolive, or Life Buoy. Tim over at Battle Red Blog, who spent the last two years watching Rosenfels play for the Texans, thinks it will be Rosenfels. Although he admitted at the end of last season, that Sage is nothing more than "a fine back-up." Anthony at Daily Norseman expects Rosenfels will be the starter too because he "chose him by default." Strong praise indeed.

I'm inclined to think Jackson will win the job. He's a more talented athlete with the stronger arm who's been coached by Brad Childress for the past three seasons, and likely knows the offense better. His ceiling is higher. They did everything they could to turn him into the starting QB last year, and I expect they'll favor him again this preseason. I expect Vikings management and coaches will want him as their starting QB.

But I agree with Tim and Anthony; the Vikings would be better with Rosenfels. It's not that he's some solid veteran game manager who will take care of the ball. He had a lot of trouble in 2007 and 2008 with turnovers; allowing 22 INTs and 8 fumbles in just over 400 pass attempts. But when he can avoid turnovers, he was very productive at moving the offense down the field in Houston. That's unlike Jackson, who seems to have trouble when forced into must-pass situations.