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Clay Matthews Signs; When Will B.J. Raji

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With players set to report on Friday, they managed to sign LB Clay Matthews on the day before. From Tom Silverstein:

His limited starts at Southern Cal put him behind the curve coming into the pros and any hope that he could make up considerable ground during the offseason was derailed by a hamstring injury, so it was critical he avoided any more delays in starting his NFL career.

I agree; he probably needs all the practice time he can get if he wants the starting job. Although there is no obvious replacement if he isn't ready. When he was sat out with a bad hamstring, LB Jeremy Thompson was in his place at right outside linebacker. But he's no sure thing either since he has to make the transition from defensive end to linebacker.

His rookie contract is worth up to $13 million over 5 years which is almost identical to what OT Michael Oher signed for at No. 23 overall, and C Eric Wood at No. 28.

That still leaves NT B.J. Raji to sign. By this point, it might mean he'll miss the first couple days of training camp at least. I don't think he's being a jerk about it, but no draft choices had been signed in the top 20 picks, except the two quarterbacks Stafford and Sanchez, who have been signed for a while. Oakland just signed WR Darrius Hayward-Bey, and Washington just signed DE Brian Orakpo, so Raji should fall in between them. Unfortunately WR Michael Crabtree is making life difficult for the 49ers, and since he was taken one spot behind Raji, the 49ers problems might become the Packers.